Raised Behind the Trigger
With a firm desire to pass on our hunting heritage to his children, Tim Hovey
began teaching his daughters, Alyssa and Jessica how to target shoot in 2007.
Along the way he taught them the importance of resource management,
hunter ethics and to respect all forms of wildlife. As his daughters' skills
developed, they expressed an interest to hunt with their dad. Putting all
they've learned to use, they began bringing home wild game of their own. As
their family shooting tradition continued, they built memories that will last a
lifetime and developed an understanding of the importance of our hunting

The text describes:

Raised Behind the Trigger documents one father's journey as he guides his
daughters down the hunter's path. Somewhere along the way, Alyssa and
Jessica transformed from curious little girls into strong, compassionate young
women that shoot straight and understand the value of a hunter's role.
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By Tim E. Hovey
-Stepping up in caliber        -Quick target acquisition
-Starter rifles                        -Offhand shooting
-Safety gear                           -Muzzle management
-Eye dominance issues        -Handgun safety
-Shotgun for youngsters      -Hunter ethics
-Shooting with friends         -Hunter's safety
                              and much more.
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