Out In The Field;
Discovering a career in field biology
By Tim E. Hovey
Driven by a life-long interest in the aquatic
world, Tim Hovey turned his back on a low
level engineering job to begin training for a
career in field biology. The early training takes Tim from the high seas of
the Pacific Ocean, to the dusty roads of Baja California in pursuit of
science. Sleeping in the dirt and living off the bounty of the sea, Tim
learned to adapt to the sometimes rugged field conditions. Along the way
he conquered fears and developed a lasting relationship with the field

Out in the Field chronicles the many adventures of an outdoor career
that a large percentage of the general public may never see. Tim scrapes
away the romantic and often misunderstood view of marine scientists,
and takes an honest and often humorous look at what it actually takes to
become a field biologist. And while Tim was completely aware that
changing career paths would eventually lead him to a job working
outdoors, he had no idea that on several occasions it would also risk his
life. (190 pages).
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